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    If circumstances change, the application must be corrected to reflect the changes.
    The application is valid for 4 months from the date of submission or renewal.

    Attachments, which are delivered when the lease is signed.

    • Taxation decision and specification section of the most recently confirmed taxation and from all persons over 18 years old moving into the apartment.

    • Income information

      • Emplyed: Work certificate or payslip

      • Moving to the municipality: a certificate from the coming employer about the start of work and salary

      • Unemployed: certificate of daily allowances paid

      • Pensioner: certificate of the amount of gross pensions ( a bank statement is not sufficient proof )

      • Entrepreneur: the most recent income statement and balance sheet and the entrepreneur’s income statement form

      • Those on maternity leave, care leave, study or work leave: daily allowance decision and a certificate of salary before being absent from work, if the employment relationship continues.

    • Asset information, if one of the movers owns all or part of anapartment, real estate or other assets

      • Sales value certificate of the property’s probable disposal price

      • A copy of the transfer document, if the property has been transferred

      • Lenders’ certificates of debts

    • Debending on the applicant’s life situation

      • Student: study certificate or school selection notice

      • In the military: service certificate

      • Pregnant: pregnancy certificate

      • Divorce decree or certificate of pending divorce

      • Dismissal, eviction decision or fixed-term lease

      • Health inspector’s statement or demolition decision

      • Medical certificate, if health reasons have an impact on the need for housing

      • Immigrant: explanation of the right to stay in the country ( copy of passport )

      • Minor: consent of the applicant’s guardian

    The rental agreement can be terminated immediately if incorrect information has been given in the application or if someone other than the person mentioned in the application moves into the apartment.


    I agree that Petterinkulma can check my credit history and process my personal data as stated in the register and data protection report of Petterinkulma. The report is available at the Petterinkulma office or on the website

    • The tenancy agreement can be terminated if

    • I have given wrong information in this application

    • somebody whose name is not in this application moves in

    I will notify Petterinkulma if some information in this application changes. The housing application is valid for 4 months.

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