Option 1

You can ask two (2) people to become your personal guarantors. They guarantee that all the terms of your agreement will be met, and that they will pay your rent for a period of three (3) months if you do not pay it yourself. Guarantors write their names in the section provided in your agreement. Guarantors must have a good credit history.

Option 2

You pay a deposit into Petterinkulma Oy’s account. The sum of the deposit is your three (3) months’ rent. Ask for an invoice to pay your deposit.

If you do not meet the terms of your agreement, Petterinkulma Oy has the right to use your deposit without asking you. For example, if you do not pay your rent, you lose your key, you break something in your apartment or you do not clean your apartment properly, Petterinkulma can use the deposit to pay for these.

When you move in, be sure to fill in and return the state of repair form for your apartment. You will not have to pay for any damage you have listed in the form.
When you move out, you will get your deposit back if you have made all necessary payments to Petterinkulma.